The world is rapidly changing how we do business. It is changing how we interact, how we live, basically everything.

Restaurants are offering curbside or free delivery, and limited capacity to anyone who is inside restaurants. Stores are reducing the number of hours they are open or they are closing completely. People are encouraged to stay inside and not go into the office. Meetings are done virtually.

The classes I teach at Fresno Pacific University have moved to an online platform. Last night I taught 23 students on group conflict via Zoom.us.

You and your staff may be working from home for the first time, so I thought it was important to share with you some timely tips for working remotely.

I have worked remotely for several years now. It has its advantages and disadvantages. As leaders, it is important to that during this time you lead with wisdom and a sense of security. There is nothing more disheartening to staff than to see their leader panicking.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you navigate you and your staff working remotely:

1. Get ready every day.

I get up and get ready for my day just as I would if I were going to an office. It helps me to feel the part and continue to feel professional. How we feel often dictates how we act. If we dress in sweatpants it often leads to feeling lazy and you being less productive. Dress professionally and it helps us to remember and act for the job we are hired to do.

2. Communicate with your staff.

Make sure your staff knows what is expected of them. Check in with them daily via email or some other form of communication. This is a great time to create an open communication culture. I don’t believe leaders, during a time of transition, can over communicate to help their staff with adjustments.

3. Encourage your staff to treat their day like they are working in an office.

If they don’t already, have them create a dedicated work from home space. Have them set boundaries on what they will and will not do during the work day. This one is important because it is easy to get distracted by the things there are to get done at home. Taking breaks and lunch breaks is important.

Help them create new work habits around their old work habits. They can create a schedule for work similar to what they currently do in the office. Encourage your staff to continue to focus on the important aspects of their job and not the urgent.

4. Keep your weekly meetings.

The great thing about technology is you can still have meetings! Platforms like Zoom.us, WebEx, Free Conference Call (to name a few) allow you to have your weekly staff and other scheduled meetings without missing a beat. Collaboration may look a little different, but you can still come up with your best ideas by connecting virtually.

Encourage your staff to connect with other staff members virtually as well. A “virtual coffee break” could be a fun way to ease some tension and create a sense of normalcy.

5. Make sure they have necessary resources.

This is a part of communication. Make sure they have all supplies, equipment, etc. so they can perform their job to the fullest. If they don’t have what they need, they can’t do their job.

This event will create a shift in our culture in how work is done. Yes, some things will go back to the way before, but companies will realize some of the amazing benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely.

If you have worked from home/remotely before, what other tips do you have?

If you have any questions for me, I’m always just an email away. I have had to navigate working from home with kids in the past and have some insight on that as well. Let’s band together to help each other in a time where there is much uncertainty.


If you are a leader or emerging leader who wants to lead with meaning and purpose, then let’s connect. I would love to help you become a leader worth following.

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Stephanie German is a leadership coach, adjunct professor, and dedicated work-from-home mom. She holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and is the chair of the Red Shoe Society Central Valley (Ronald McDonald House guild). When she’s not coaching clients or writing about leadership, Stephanie is usually headed to the mountains or the beach with her family, drinking savory wine, or working on the latest project with her husband. Stephanie’s greatest desires are to nurture the next generation of leaders while raising her own children to be strong, independent, and brave. She lives in Fresno, California with her husband Blake and her three spunky daughters, Cara, Kinsey, and Peyton. She is the best-selling author of So Your Boss Can’t Lead?

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