About German Business Consulting

Why GBC Exists....

Running a business is a lot like running  through a maze. You may start out in one direction, then hit a wall, and have to switch directions completely. You are choosing the path that seems best, yet hit roadblocks often.

What if you had a roadmap that helped you get through the maze faster to achieve your goals?

This is why German Business Consulting exists.  We help you take a look at your business holistically because your organization, strategy, and people are all intertwined. A strategic plan is developed to clarify your organizational purpose, develop consistent processes, implement strategies for growth, and to help you recruit, retain, and manage your people to develop high performing teams.

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

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Growing up, I always found the problem (even when no one was looking), asked questions (like every boss loves), and offered solutions. They weren’t always welcome or wanted. 

Now, I get to help business owners by finding the roadblocks in their business, come up with an implementation plan, and then work together to implement it. 

I believe everyone has a unique skillset that once tapped into, you can unleash to organize and grow your business.

Along with being the Founder and Principle Strategist at German Business Consulting, I am a professor at a local university, helping to raise up the next generation of business leaders around real-life experiences.