There is a shift in the workforce taking place.

Look around your workplace. Does everyone look alike? Is everyone in the same age bracket?

Leading people from various generations is hard, yet not impossible. There are strengths you can tap into with each generation. But firstly, you have to know more about the various generations including how they function.

The reality is, that most people are delaying retirement. This means those in the current workforce can be older. With the older generation on one end and a whole new generation joining the workforce on the other, their experiences are going to be different as well as how they view life.

Gen X and Baby Boomers typically prioritize their desire for ethical leadership, want face-to-face meetings, and grew up with such influences as Civil Rights and Watergate.

Gen Z and Millennials employees have higher expectations for their workplace. Like flexibility and autonomy, and are influenced by such things as 9/11 and Covid. Whether you like it or not, Gen Z and millennials now make up nearly half (46%) of the full-time workforce in the U.S.

Here is some basic information on Gen Z and Millennials to take into account when hiring and working with them:

Gen Z has an entrepreneurial mindset; They are learning-oriented & multitaskers. They are mostly interested in social rewards (mentorship and constant feedback) than money and motivated by meaningful work and being given responsibility.

Millennials are motivated by working in teams, they like to collaborate. They embrace diversity. They are most willing to stick with companies that have diverse management teams and flexible work environments.

According to Gallup, there are 4 expectations that Gen Z and Millenials expect from their workplace:

  1. They want an employer who cares about their well-being.
  2. They want their leaders to be ethical.
  3. Older millennials want open, transparent leaders.
  4. They want leaders who support a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Look around your organization, think through your own leadership style, and ask yourself, what adjustments do I need to make to create an engaged workforce?

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Stephanie German is a business strategist, adjunct professor, and speaker. She holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and loves giving back to her community in a variety of ways. When she’s not coaching clients or writing about leadership, Stephanie is usually headed to the mountains or the beach with her family, drinking savory wine, or working on the latest project with her husband. Stephanie’s greatest desires are to raise up the next generation of leaders while raising her own children to be strong, independent, and brave. She lives in Fresno, California with her husband Blake and her three spunky daughters, Cara, Kinsey, and Peyton. She is the best-selling author of So Your Boss Can’t Lead?

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