Perfect is the Enemy of Good

As I sat looking at my computer screen I hesitated to push “Publish.” My first website, created by me, for my writing and coaching services. When I pushed the “Publish” button, a wave of anxiety rushed over me. What if it isn’t perfect? What if I wrote the wrong thing? What if I don’t get […]

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Will Fail

The New Year’s Resolution. The time of year that everyone sits down, writes unattainable wishes, and then forgets about them by the time February hits. I’ve already seen those that consistently go to the gym complain about the New Year’s Resolution crowd that is sure to join them starting today, Monday. I’ve been there. I […]

How You Can Thrive This Holiday Season

I was at the end my proverbial rope. It was the middle of December and I could not wait until it was January. In fact, I was so stressed that I wanted to sleep for the next eleven days, but I knew that couldn’t happen. Apparently it would have been frowned upon by my husband […]

The Misconception of Multi-Tasking: 3 Steps to Prioritize Your Tasks

Multi-tasking. The ultimate skill stated at every job interview. Up until recently, it was believed that multi-tasking increased productivity. Studies now show multitasking wastes a significant amount of time. The definition of multi-tasking: performing two or more tasks simultaneously The idea is great in theory, but not in practice. A great example, one that affects […]