Raising kids is no joke.

There is the feeding them. The playing with them. The disciplining them. The bathing them (I hate this one for some reason). And the constant “Mom, look at me.”

To which I respond “Trust me, I am always looking at you.”

They tend to suck the life right out of me.

And they also give me life.

Watching my baby crawl and giggle brings a smile to my face and a warmth in my soul. Seeing life through my three year old’s eyes has brought new life to me. When she experienced Christmas morning for the first time, her joy was contagious. She has a way of asking questions that gives me pause.

I worry about my kids. Wondering if I am doing all I can to provide for them emotionally, mentally, and physically. I wonder if I give them enough of my time. Working full time means everything has to get done at night and on the weekend. The mom guilt is especially strong when a child is sick or I ask my husband to take them to the doctor.

What I Want for My Children

I want to protect them from the world, yet let them experience life to the fullest.

I want them to have a full childhood and not grow up to fast.

I want them to learn how to work hard.

I want them to be critical thinkers.

I want them to understand there are always consequences, good or bad, to their actions.

I want them to understand healthy boundaries.

I want them to know their dreams are worth pursuing.

I want them to live a purposeful life.

Satisfaction In the Chaos

Raising kids is a lifelong venture. You hope for the best for your kids, pray for them, and know there are so many factors playing into how they will turn out.

And you pray you don’t screw them up.

It is in the midst of exhaustion, when I pause in my day, I see a glimpse of who my kids are becoming. And it brings a deep sense of satisfaction.

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When my big girl grabs my hand while sitting on the couch, looks up at me with her big brown eyes and says “I love you mommy”, all becomes still. All becomes right in the world.


When was the last time you paused and felt deep satisfaction in your life? Share below!

Here’s to the Journey!

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