Are You Where You Want to Be In Your Business?

There comes a point in every business owner and leaders professional journey where they feel inadequately prepared for what is ahead for them. Up until that point, you probably felt excited and ready to tackle the next challenge. Then something occurs that you just aren’t ready for.  -You may seek advice from others in the […]

The Interconnectedness Of Your Business…aka Is It Dying?

Have you ever thought about how a business is similar to a living, breathing organism? Just like any organism, a business has many interconnected parts that must all function well together for the whole entity to survive and grow. The different departments, processes, systems, and people all make up the organization. When one part isn’t […]

The Power of Effective Communication For Business Owners

Raise your hand if you ever gave instructions and the end result wasn’t what you wanted? That has happened to me before, as I am sure it has happened to you. The question I always as myself is, “Did I clearly communicate in a way that they understood what needed to be done?” Here is […]