It is easier to point out the issues with other people than to see where we fall short, am I right?

But learning to understand ourselves is the key to being a great leader.

Self-awareness is one of those words that gets tossed around in the world today. A person who has a great level of self-awareness has an understanding of their emotions, strengths and weaknesses, frustrations, and reactions to certain issues. A leader with a high level of self-awareness is in tune with what helps them, and others, succeed due to their emotional competence. They are able to adapt their communication and leadership style to different situations and individuals and are able to actively seek feedback to improve their own performance. Additionally, they are able to maintain a sense of humility and are open to learning and growth.

Where might someone start to become more self-aware?

First, you have to decide that you want to do the work, even when it gets hard or shows you things you don’t want to know about yourself.

Second, there are many assessments out there that can help you in gaining a greater understanding of yourself. One I use with clients is called CliftonStrengths. It helps to identify your inherent traits. The things you are good at, and then the traits that you aren’t so great at. Knowing what you aren’t so great at means you can learn to navigate those.

Third, ask someone you trust to give you honest feedback. Having others speak to you is extremely important.

One way that I work with leaders is by helping them become more aware of themselves and their team members. If you are looking to increase motivation, productivity, communication, and engagement, let’s have a conversation.

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Stephanie German is a business strategist, adjunct professor, and speaker. She holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership and loves giving back to her community in a variety of ways. When she’s not coaching clients or writing about leadership, Stephanie is usually headed to the mountains or the beach with her family, drinking savory wine, or working on the latest project with her husband. Stephanie’s greatest desires are to raise up the next generation of leaders while raising her own children to be strong, independent, and brave. She lives in Fresno, California with her husband Blake and her three spunky daughters, Cara, Kinsey, and Peyton. She is the best-selling author of So Your Boss Can’t Lead?

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