Monday morning, specifically. Thinking about this can send a chill up your spine. Especially when you go to a job you don’t particularly like.

We all need income. Sometimes, this means having a job that is less than desirable. After you have been in a job for several years, you begin to feel like your stuck. You have accrued vacation time and received raises, but the work has become monotonous. Research shows only 13% of people worldwide like going to work.

Every time I drive on the freeway during the 8-5 commute route time, I think about all of those people going to their job. I think about you going to your job.


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Do you like your job?

What are you sacrificing by going to work?

Do you feel like a cog on a wheel?

If you could choose to do anything, would it be the job you are going to/leaving?


Do you need a Monday morning mulligan?

Going to College

When you were leaving high school and entering college, the common question asked of you as you graduated was “what will you major in?” I’m guessing you picked a safe major and not something you are passionate about. You picked the degree that *might* land you a job after graduating. Yet here you are, stuck in traffic, wondering what happened.

The reality is the jobs that will exist in 5 years haven’t been thought of yet. And most people don’t know themselves well enough to figure out what they want to do for the


Of their


When they are 18 years old.

A Different Way of Thinking

I was listening to a TED Talk the other day. I do not listen to them often enough, but when I do, I am always challenged by what is said. Even if that challenge is simply a more open mindset. This particular TED Talk was how a mother encouraged her kids to be more than hoop jumpers. You should take the 15 minutes to watch (or listen to) the video.

After I listened to this, my mind went many directions. I had three takeaways from what I heard which I could put in place with my own kids.

Here are 3 ways to help your kids overcome the 9-5.

  1. Help your kids discover their interests

When kids are little, they seem to gravitate towards certain activities and subjects. As they get older, those interests will change and become more focused. Allowing your kids to experience new things will help them learn what they are interested in. I am for allowing kids to try new things, sports, music, or dance, to name a few. I am against packing the kids time so tightly that they don’t have time to be a kid.

As their interests become more focused, help them discover what they really love.

  1. Call out your kids abilities

Most adults don’t know their skills and abilities, so what makes you think a 17 year old really understands this? As your children get older, you will begin to see what they are naturally good at. Name these abilities to them. Help them develop these abilities.

  1. Help them develop a good work ethic

Opportunities are not normally handed to you unless you have proven that you are trustworthy enough to get the job done. Early on, help your kids develop a good work ethic. Teach them that good things come to those who work hard for it, who have goals, and who are focused. Teach them. Do not hand things to them.

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These three things will help them find fulfillment and potential success. Help them dream and take practical steps to achieve those dreams.

Why potential success? Success is subjective. We learn a lot when we fail. And those failures, when we learn from them, can help lead us to success.

In Conclusion…

As parents, as functioning adults, I believe many do not know their abilities and only some would be able to identify interests. I think we have long forgotten to dream about what makes us fulfilled in lieu of the 9-5. I hope I can live my life in such a way that my kids see a dfiferent way. I hope I can help guide and challenge them to seek what is best for the them, even if it doesn’t fit into mainstream business.

In your current occupation, are you using your skillset and abilities? Do you get to do something for work that is an interest? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s to the Journey!

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