4 Productivity Tips During Covid19

Photo by Jordan Opel on Unsplash As we continue to navigate a world that is nothing but normal, you may have seen a dip in productivity. What we are experiencing is a form of trauma. Parts of our brain have shut down in order for us to survive. You may feel numb and not able to process your […]

Does It Take Less Than 5 Minutes?

  As leaders, we are all really busy, right?  Most of us aren’t only leaders in our own organization, but we are volunteering in other places, we have families, and there is just a lot going on.  Due to how crazy life can be, I try to live by the 5 minutes or less rule.  […]

Why Absurd Goals Demotivate You

I had seven things on my to-do list on Monday. On Tuesday, I had six things. By the time Wednesday came around, I had eight items. All of these items were specific to goals. How in the world did my to-do list increase when I had accomplished several items? I sat down last night and […]