Action That Aligns With Your Core Value

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In What You Need to Know to Guide Your Actions a few weeks ago I talked about the importance of knowing your values. I listed out 7 reasons on why knowing your core values matter. From that post, I had several people email me asking how this looks in real life. Examples always help to […]

What You Need to Know to Guide Your Actions

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Most people don’t understand their core values. Or they understand and communicate some of their values but not the depths of their core values. One of the most important parts of leadership hinges on knowing them. Everything you do in life comes out of your values. Core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide or […]

Leading Your Team to Avoid Remote Worker Burnout

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Leading remote workers is difficult. When you are in an office, you have a pulse on what is happening. You can pop into someone’s office for a quick meeting or to see how they are doing. It is a more focused environment, where everyone is there to get a job done. As a leader, I […]

The Difference Between a Manager and Leader

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Being a manager is different than being a leader. Management is about efficiency and effectiveness. Leadership is about people and development. A manager is sometimes a leader as well. A leader is sometimes a manager as well, but you can be a leader without a formal title. Managers focus on telling staff what to do and communicating facts. When a […]