Do You Have Freedom In Your Business?

If you are in the United States, you have probably heard a lot of people talking about freedoms, seeing as how the 4th of July, our Independence Day, was yesterday. The word freedom means different things to different people, and we experience it in different ways. Which got me thinking more about freedom as a […]

The Power of Effective Communication For Business Owners

Raise your hand if you ever gave instructions and the end result wasn’t what you wanted? That has happened to me before, as I am sure it has happened to you. The question I always as myself is, “Did I clearly communicate in a way that they understood what needed to be done?” Here is […]

Driving Business Success with KPIs

What are KPIs? KPIs are measurable values that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives. They can be financial (e.g., revenue growth, profitability) or non-financial (e.g., customer satisfaction, employee retention). By tracking relevant KPIs, you can identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Not all KPIs are equally valuable. You want […]